Comics marathoning

I’ve been reading the old DC Star Trek comics–the eighties series—for maybe the past week. I’m not writing about them as I go, just barreling through. It’s sixty or so comics and I think I just passed the halfway point, which is something because they just got to Star Trek IV. Interesting continuity with the movies. So far the only statements I’ll make for sure is Mike W. Barr was a better writer on it than Len Wein, which is a big statement, but still. As well as licensed comics not being very good. There’s that too.📖

Providence Unboxing

It hath arrived

movie watching malaise, 2018 edition

I think I’m getting into a movie funk again. I don’t keep track of how often they happen and this one is obviously going to be different because I program a weekly movie night but I’m in a definite funk.

The Gay Falcon did not help things. Not at all. George Sanders movies aren’t supposed to crap out. Especially not ones built off another successful franchise (the Saint movies). It was supposed to be a safe (short) movie pick. If I’d wanted to be risky, I’d have watched that Fay Wray/Ralph Bellamy movie.

Amusingly, I think it was a Fay Wray movie that kicked off an anti-movie funk a few years ago.

I’ve been hoping something would break me out of it. The serials, in all likelihood, aren’t helping. Even good ones. Instead,I feel more than ever they’re just keeping The Stop Button constant. I’d blame it on marathon training but marathon training hasn’t fully started yet. The training I am doing isn’t getting in the way. Quite the opposite.

Not sure what kind of solution I’m looking for.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had comics “grades” on Comics Fondle. I may have at one point, but it didn’t last. Now I “need” them to simplify some note-taking and I’m like… 1 to 5?

Best of Luck on Future Projects

I’m trying to figure out what I want to write right now. Not what to write at this moment, but what sorts of things I want to write. I kind of knew finishing up the Eleanor Parker retrospective for The Stop Button would leave me floundering. And while I’m close on some other prospective subjects–I could do Godzilla, but I don’t see any point–nothing’s grabbing me. I have a built-in deadline for a Whit Stillman sum-up, but it’s actually months off.

And so my attention is turning from prospective film topics to prospective comic book ones. Lots of possibilites there. In fact, I spent about three weeks earlier this year making myself sick trying to figure out if I wanted to do some giant Love and Rockets project–spoiler, no, not right now.

I have the perfect title for a comic book sum-up. In fact, it just shipped. It gets here this weekend. It’d be a redundant project–the comic’s had lots of attention–but it’s one I’d want to write about. Lots is about to change about my comic book reading slash blogging slash podcasting (nothing I can talk about), but it’s impending.

It’s kind of exhausting, but I keep thinking–even just kept dripping to make sure the pipes don’t freeze–I need some kind of regular critical thinking creative activity. Serial chapters on The Stop Button are fine, but they rarely require too much thought. So apparently my alternative is to find things easier to overthink about.

On the plus side, I don’t use any of the language regularly associated with depression. But I think it’s because I’ve trained myself out of them. Ha.

nostalgia Trek

I just finished reading the Marvel Star Trek comic from the early eighties. I didn’t read The Motion Picture adaptation. It ran in the first three issues. I can wait on that. But I was having a conversation on Twitter about the comic and got curious. Again. I think I’ve read a few of the issues before.

My key takeaways from the fifteen issues I read—#4 to #18—arenas follows. The book, almost forty years later, is probably of most interest to Marvel art wanks. If you care about Dave Cockrum, then there’s something of interest here. Maybe not a lot of interesting material but some for sure. Also Louise Simonson is a much better editor than AL Milgrom. And Gil Kane’s Enterprise looks super silly.

But if you’re a Trek fan… Eh. Some of the writers are clearly fans but, even so, there’s no hidden gems here. Some stories are much better than others and occasionally there’s an issue about some supporting character (but not often). For instance, seeing Rand tell off Kirk is really cool.

The book also doesn’t give the bridge crew equal time. Scotty and Chekhov get tons more than even Bones.

So not an interesting Trek relic. But definitely a Marvel comic relic. Worth writing about at length? Probably no. I’m trying to decide if I want a “Comics Fondle Sum Up” type post series. I’m not sure Trek would be worth the time. I’m hoping to figure it all out–the blog not life–soon. Because I want to maximize reading over writing with the comics.

I think some of it is just nostalgia.

Raspberries are kind of a madeleine for me. I’m not entirely sure why—every time I have one, I have this vague memory of berry picking, but I know I didn’t get to pick raspberries often. It was usually blackberries, which are a fine berry, but not raspberries. But something about the raspberries. Every time it gets me in a simultaneous melancholic nostalgia and comfort zone.

I love how it’s gotten to the point I’ll read a WSJ article before a NY Times just because fug the NY Times. It’s always been fug the WSJ. They don’t pretend. And reading about Michael Cohen being an incompetent slimeball is always entertaining. You’d think Mark Cuban would have better things to do with his time though.

Of all the easily provable perjury from Trump, Trump appointees, Trump supporters to Congress… will any of it ever actually get charged, much less prosecuted

A new Superman movie is about the only DCEU prospect I’m enthusiastic about. Only if Amy Adams is back too, obviously.

However, Henry Cavill wanting to put on the tights doesn’t mean the tights are going on.

I’ve been trying a post a day on I think I’ve tried a post a day on before, but I couldn’t stay with it. I’ve been staying with a daily post on The Stop Button for a while now, but it’s easier. I can always come up with content there. Content. Subjects. Sorry. I feel like when, at comic cons, Big Two creators would refer to titles and characters as properties instead of titles or characters.

I used to do a daily post (actually, while I was waiting for to go live) but the election ruined that. I did all right until inaugeration and then I just lost the will. Everything seemed futile.

Futility is a weird thing. Life is an exercise in futility, obviously–see, here’s why I wish I had subject ideas. Riffing gets dark real fast right now.

Thanks to MacOS–though it was really an OS X feature–being able to repartition on the fly, my big clone/Time Machine/scratch partition project took all of fifteen minutes. Maybe. I wasn’t at the computer while it was repartitioning the external disk. And now the Time Machine backup is done, the clone(s) are done….

So I think the big QNAP-to-Synology, 6TB-to-19TB file transfer is done. It’s sturdy, it’s dependable, but it’s not entirely exciting. It’s not supposed to be exciting, of course. Data storage is just data storage.

Though I am giving myself a “look through the smaller QNAP NAS” to see what’s on there, as I now have plenty of room to move it onto the Synology

Synology DS918+, sixteen days later

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been the happy owner of a Synology DS918+. I’d had a QNAP 4-bay, bought because it was cheaper than a Synology, and it served me fairly well. No data loss, better AFP support than my 2-bay QNAP. When the 4-bay started restarting on its own every 1 to 3 days, I decided I didn’t trust it anymore. It’s long out of warranty so there’d only be so much support I could get.

So a Synology DS 918+. + for the Intel processor, which hopefully would drive Plex on its own. Technically it does drive Plex, it just can’t handle a ginormous library, which is fine. It’s got tons of space (19 tb–I also didn’t realize a QNAP didn’t expand storage a la Drobos when I got it because I was being cheap–with 7 tb still available).

There’s so much space I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. One thought was using it for Time Machine. The Synology has data protection while the Time Capsule does not. But Time Machine on Synology is a sparsebundle, which just means the same problem–sparsebundle Time Machines are icky bad.

This morning’s thought was to move my “Scratch” drive–which isn’t really a scratch drive since it’s got my Photos library, which I’d rather not get erased (as well as some other things)–to the Synology. But since I use the USB3 scratch drive direct from my Mac, it’d probably be a little faster (though maybe not) to have it attached. Also I’m not entirely convinced the Photos Library is going to work on the Synology….

So the new thought is to partition the external, which is a 2tb RAID 1, into three parts. A clone, Time Machine, and scratch space. But not a real scratch space, I don’t think.

Unfortunately, I had this idea after I left the house this morning so there’s nothing I can be doing to set it up now. If I’d been smart, I’d been superdupering the scratch data off the 2 TB drive so I could get the drive reformatted.

My blog archiving is a hidden shame–zine’ing the Sum Up posts is fine, but the blog archiving… I try not to talk about it. It scratches a zine itch I’ve had since middle school and a collection compulsion I’ve had since… I don’t know… Star Wars figures (at age 5).

But today I archived a post with a comment from a friend who passed away (very unexpectedly) a few years ago.

I’ve been trying to avoid the sad since.

currently feeling dumb for not being able to get visualeditor for mediawiki working on an ubuntu instance. lol. oddly that sentence actually makes sense

Does anyone have a wiki farm they recommend? Paid’s okay though free’d be great. I could just do my own but I’m being lazy.

I wanted to be done drafting a couple posts by the end of the month. I just finished. I’m a little surprised I got it done.

I paper edit the sum up posts for stop button and I always forget to put page numbers on them. I’ve missed the revision process. There’s just not time with the rest.

I got the PS4 in December 2006 because I was planning on intellectually disconnecting with the world. Didn’t work out. But I have started playing the PS4 regularly. Obvious stuff like Injustice 2 and Mad Max. (Obvious for me, i.e. DC Comics and Mad Max open world). Plus the Assassin’s Creed London and Watch Dogs (history interest and nostalgia for Chicago). I’m waiting for Spider-Man. And that Old West open world. But I got Horizon Zero Dawn this year looking for a distraction. I knew about it, but future sci-fi as fantasy thing? Eh. Then it was on sale. And it’s a good game. I just finished it. I’ll bet the story stuff is pretty good too. I skip that. Lol. But the voice acting is pretty awesome; well, Lance Reddick’s beyond awesome and everything else is fine. “Lead” Ashly Burch is likable. It got me thinking about how important voice acting could be in video games. I’d never really thought about it because the visual technology is all about CGI-realism. So why not just have computer generated voices. Because computers can’t act. It’s because the writing is fine. It’s long-winded but it’s more than competent enough. The dialogue’s a lot better than every soap opera. It’s as good as a tolerable prime time TV show. I’d never discounted artistry in video games–in fact, I loved it when Ebert lost fans for his comments (just out of pettiness, I probably mostly agreed with him back then). But there’s a potential to them I guess I’ve always ignored. Given the size and popularity of the industry, it’s probably a good place to create right now. So now I don’t just have to feel bad I can’t draw (that one is a fine motor issue so not entirely my fault) but also code (that one is because I summarily eschewed the idea in 2000, stupidly not realizing a college minor should be functional). But fun stuff. And apparently engaging enough I gave it almost 2,000 words.

The James Dean thing. I just watched GIANT for a blogathon (post up Sunday). I’d never seen it. I’ve seen REBEL and EAST OF EDEN (EDEN ride or die). I didn’t get around to seeing them until I was at least twenty. I didn’t know GIANT had Dean in old age makeup. Dean acting in old age makeup is better than old age makeup acting in an Orson Welles forties picture. It could have validated and maybe even excelled the subcategory. It’s one of those holy shit things.