MAJOR CRIMES has been something like a guilty pleasure. Or a sometimes pleasurable obligation. The show gave Felix G.W. Bailey, Tony (Anthony John for CRIME STORY fans) Denison, Michael Paul Chan (bit parts in big productions), Raymond Cruz (ALIEN 4 and JACK RYAN 3 and totally underappreciated) a third or fourth phase to their careers. THE CLOSER gave them something before it, but MAJOR CRIMES gave these actors some good material. After careers often without good material. And even after showrunner James Duff leaned full on melodrama, the actors kept it going. So that’s cool.

The rest of the cast is good too, for the most part, but those four actors are ones I never expected to get to play the same role for thirteen years. Not and have them still be good by the end. But they did it. So that’s cool.

(And, wow, apparently TNT ordered the show to do the four-part episodes and then clearly slashed their budget–especially for guest stars).

Anyway. That’s done. Though I do want to watch BATTLESTAR again now.