918 words about writing I wrote instead of getting ready for bed

One of the anti-panic attack mindfulness things I liked when panic attacks were frequent was the “force yourself to do something you’ve been avoiding.” It’s great for getting laundry done. Right now I’m applying it to creative projects. I’d been dreading covering the second half of Eleanor Parker’s career in sum up posts for Stop Button. There’s a lot to write about and nothing to be exuberantly positive about. Sure, Sound of Music was a huge hit, but it didn’t mean squat for Parker’s subsequent roles. Not in any positive way. But then I’ve got this other project on the horizon and I’m committing to it and getting the Parker posts done is something I wanted to do. So I’m rushing through them. The fun thing about actually editing? My drafting can be rough. I forget how much I like editing. Next project is going to have lots of it. And I just came up with the title for the next project. Holy shit it’s good.