I got the PS4 in December 2006 because I was planning on intellectually disconnecting with the world. Didn’t work out. But I have started playing the PS4 regularly. Obvious stuff like Injustice 2 and Mad Max. (Obvious for me, i.e. DC Comics and Mad Max open world). Plus the Assassin’s Creed London and Watch Dogs (history interest and nostalgia for Chicago). I’m waiting for Spider-Man. And that Old West open world. But I got Horizon Zero Dawn this year looking for a distraction. I knew about it, but future sci-fi as fantasy thing? Eh. Then it was on sale. And it’s a good game. I just finished it. I’ll bet the story stuff is pretty good too. I skip that. Lol. But the voice acting is pretty awesome; well, Lance Reddick’s beyond awesome and everything else is fine. “Lead” Ashly Burch is likable. It got me thinking about how important voice acting could be in video games. I’d never really thought about it because the visual technology is all about CGI-realism. So why not just have computer generated voices. Because computers can’t act. It’s because the writing is fine. It’s long-winded but it’s more than competent enough. The dialogue’s a lot better than every soap opera. It’s as good as a tolerable prime time TV show. I’d never discounted artistry in video games–in fact, I loved it when Ebert lost fans for his comments (just out of pettiness, I probably mostly agreed with him back then). But there’s a potential to them I guess I’ve always ignored. Given the size and popularity of the industry, it’s probably a good place to create right now. So now I don’t just have to feel bad I can’t draw (that one is a fine motor issue so not entirely my fault) but also code (that one is because I summarily eschewed the idea in 2000, stupidly not realizing a college minor should be functional). But fun stuff. And apparently engaging enough I gave it almost 2,000 words.