Synology DS918+, sixteen days later

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been the happy owner of a Synology DS918+. I’d had a QNAP 4-bay, bought because it was cheaper than a Synology, and it served me fairly well. No data loss, better AFP support than my 2-bay QNAP. When the 4-bay started restarting on its own every 1 to 3 days, I decided I didn’t trust it anymore. It’s long out of warranty so there’d only be so much support I could get.

So a Synology DS 918+. + for the Intel processor, which hopefully would drive Plex on its own. Technically it does drive Plex, it just can’t handle a ginormous library, which is fine. It’s got tons of space (19 tb–I also didn’t realize a QNAP didn’t expand storage a la Drobos when I got it because I was being cheap–with 7 tb still available).

There’s so much space I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. One thought was using it for Time Machine. The Synology has data protection while the Time Capsule does not. But Time Machine on Synology is a sparsebundle, which just means the same problem–sparsebundle Time Machines are icky bad.

This morning’s thought was to move my “Scratch” drive–which isn’t really a scratch drive since it’s got my Photos library, which I’d rather not get erased (as well as some other things)–to the Synology. But since I use the USB3 scratch drive direct from my Mac, it’d probably be a little faster (though maybe not) to have it attached. Also I’m not entirely convinced the Photos Library is going to work on the Synology….

So the new thought is to partition the external, which is a 2tb RAID 1, into three parts. A clone, Time Machine, and scratch space. But not a real scratch space, I don’t think.

Unfortunately, I had this idea after I left the house this morning so there’s nothing I can be doing to set it up now. If I’d been smart, I’d been superdupering the scratch data off the 2 TB drive so I could get the drive reformatted.