nostalgia Trek

I just finished reading the Marvel Star Trek comic from the early eighties. I didn’t read The Motion Picture adaptation. It ran in the first three issues. I can wait on that. But I was having a conversation on Twitter about the comic and got curious. Again. I think I’ve read a few of the issues before.

My key takeaways from the fifteen issues I read—#4 to #18—arenas follows. The book, almost forty years later, is probably of most interest to Marvel art wanks. If you care about Dave Cockrum, then there’s something of interest here. Maybe not a lot of interesting material but some for sure. Also Louise Simonson is a much better editor than AL Milgrom. And Gil Kane’s Enterprise looks super silly.

But if you’re a Trek fan… Eh. Some of the writers are clearly fans but, even so, there’s no hidden gems here. Some stories are much better than others and occasionally there’s an issue about some supporting character (but not often). For instance, seeing Rand tell off Kirk is really cool.

The book also doesn’t give the bridge crew equal time. Scotty and Chekhov get tons more than even Bones.

So not an interesting Trek relic. But definitely a Marvel comic relic. Worth writing about at length? Probably no. I’m trying to decide if I want a “Comics Fondle Sum Up” type post series. I’m not sure Trek would be worth the time. I’m hoping to figure it all out–the blog not life–soon. Because I want to maximize reading over writing with the comics.

I think some of it is just nostalgia.