movie watching malaise, 2018 edition

I think I’m getting into a movie funk again. I don’t keep track of how often they happen and this one is obviously going to be different because I program a weekly movie night but I’m in a definite funk.

The Gay Falcon did not help things. Not at all. George Sanders movies aren’t supposed to crap out. Especially not ones built off another successful franchise (the Saint movies). It was supposed to be a safe (short) movie pick. If I’d wanted to be risky, I’d have watched that Fay Wray/Ralph Bellamy movie.

Amusingly, I think it was a Fay Wray movie that kicked off an anti-movie funk a few years ago.

I’ve been hoping something would break me out of it. The serials, in all likelihood, aren’t helping. Even good ones. Instead,I feel more than ever they’re just keeping The Stop Button constant. I’d blame it on marathon training but marathon training hasn’t fully started yet. The training I am doing isn’t getting in the way. Quite the opposite.

Not sure what kind of solution I’m looking for.