Criterion's December is boring but Brewster McCloud is cool and Body Snatchers makes me sad

I’m bored as ever with Criterion’s December slate. Especially since I’m getting the Bergman box set if I have to sell my femur so I’ll already have Sawdust and Tinsel.

Read about all this at the Bits

But Warner Archive is putting out Brewster McCloud, which I still haven’t seen, even though I’ve known about it for… oh, wow, decades. I remember reading something about how it was Altman’s big post MASH movie and it bombed and basically was willfully ignored by the studio in the years since. So it getting a nice blu-ray (because Warner Archive only does nice things now, long has it been since they put out any non-progressive scan DVDs) is kind of amazing.

Olive is putting out a limited special edition blu-ray Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which I also really need to watch again (I watched all my Don Siegel… oh, wow, almost two decades ago). What’s the one feature it doesn’t have and can’t have but is the only essential thing? The original Academy Ratio print. Not really infamously because no one talks about it slash cares about it… someone (the studio?) took Body Snatchers and cropped it to 2.35:1. And destroyed the original. So when you used to see a pan and scan of the film, you were seeing… maybe a quarter of the original. I’m sure it’ll be a great release, but it’s just another sad reminder of how studio interference screws everyone.