918 words about writing I wrote instead of getting ready for bed

One of the anti-panic attack mindfulness things I liked when panic attacks were frequent was the “force yourself to do something you’ve been avoiding.” It’s great for getting laundry done. Right now I’m applying it to creative projects. I’d been dreading covering the second half of Eleanor Parker’s career in sum up posts for Stop Button. There’s a lot to write about and nothing to be exuberantly positive about. Sure, Sound of Music was a huge hit, but it didn’t mean squat for Parker’s subsequent roles. Not in any positive way. But then I’ve got this other project on the horizon and I’m committing to it and getting the Parker posts done is something I wanted to do. So I’m rushing through them. The fun thing about actually editing? My drafting can be rough. I forget how much I like editing. Next project is going to have lots of it. And I just came up with the title for the next project. Holy shit it’s good.

I’m having a depression-y panic attack. Or was. It’s mostly passed. Not sure what brought it on–other than it being like winter out for a day.

How hasn’t HIGHLANDER gotten a multimedia relaunch? How hard can it be to get it out there. It’s an ingenious franchise idea. (Even if I do hate all of them and am mortified to have been a fan in my teens. lol)

This issue (5) has the editor talking about how the Brothers would like negative feedback. I’ve read it at least six times this week—the issue—it’s impeccable. Jaw dropping impeccable. I probably should’ve been paying more attention to the letter pages. Lol. might be a new thing.

now that I’m thoroughly depressed with reality, time to play the teenage mutant ninja turtles in injustice and be depressed with nostalgia as it relates to video games


I’ve been rereading Love and Rockets. Not just rereading it but rereading my reread. Instead of going through the current collections, I’ve been doing the old ones. Not just the Locas and Palomar stories, collected multiple places, but all the other stuff. The weird stuff. Stuff like BEM. And Rocky and Fumble. The stuff that didn’t “gel”.

I’m on the fifth issue. It’s good every time. No matter which issue, though the short ones are better for time commitment. They’re all so damn good.

VLC 3.0: Ho hum

VLC hit 3.0. With a possibly new icon? The pre-3 desktop app’s been a disaster lately. It crashes a third of the time and another third of the time it has an error report saying it crashed (when it hadn’t). The worst part is there isn’t an any more reliable 3rd party player on MacOS I’ve found. On the PC side, I’ve been using mpv. Which can be used on the mac (command line) but I don’t live in the terminal as much on the MacBook Air, regardless of having it plugged into a monitor.

Guided reading on LOVE AND ROCKETS #4 would probably be amazing. At least for Jaime. His panels need to be read at at least newspaper strip “size.” So reading across panel to panel, no carriage returns. VR headset comic book reading should be a thing.

Doing laundry: one of the wife’s tank top type things is hand wash only. Yet the sweater is machine cold. 🤪 I’d be good with a laundry disruption.

I miss when VLC was the best app I used. Now it’s buggier than hell.

Decided not to wait until its warmer for the days’ run. Three degrees isn’t going to make this any better.

On the other hand the bro who’s walking around talking about going to Samsung and wow is he obnoxious.

Sixth in line to drop off an iPhone for battery replacement. So far the line hasn’t moved at all. Everyone was here before open. Staff walking around doing nothing. Guess Tim Cook didn’t use his Trump refund to make this experience any better 🤪

Still wondering why I can’t find a stipend to sit and watch Bergman movies

I’m in a generative malaise. Even with a year-long project for Comics Fondle and a workable schedule for Stop Button, I feel like I’m slacking. It might just be I’ve got things working too smoothly. There’s no conflict to innovate against.

I wish I’d been better at science. I imagine science has got to at least be more interesting as it goes along.

So I’m doing this LOVE AND ROCKETS thing. The worst part (worst just being a word here)? The original post I did was pretty good. It’s a lot looser than I’d ever be today.

So I wanted to do Love and Rockets, but there’s something missing without Jim. In blogging in general. He was there when I got started. He had a real influence on my toxic masculinity comics fan deprogramming. The friendship came at just the right time with MFA instructors wowing

But LOVE & ROCKETS was a bond with my friend Jim and I. Jim died in 2014. Very unexpectedly. Second-best friend I made in my twenties. My first-best friend I made in my twenties and I had a whole podcast where we eventually just cry about it.

This week I start the LOVE & ROCKETS project. I don’t even know what it is yet, only that I’m finally getting to it. I tried doing something with L&R in early 2016. I was going to do a monthly Comics Fondle e-newsletter w/ L&R features. No response. Ha.