On the other hand the bro who’s walking around talking about going to Samsung and wow is he obnoxious.

Sixth in line to drop off an iPhone for battery replacement. So far the line hasn’t moved at all. Everyone was here before open. Staff walking around doing nothing. Guess Tim Cook didn’t use his Trump refund to make this experience any better 🤪

Still wondering why I can’t find a stipend to sit and watch Bergman movies

I’m in a generative malaise. Even with a year-long project for Comics Fondle and a workable schedule for Stop Button, I feel like I’m slacking. It might just be I’ve got things working too smoothly. There’s no conflict to innovate against.

I wish I’d been better at science. I imagine science has got to at least be more interesting as it goes along.

So I’m doing this LOVE AND ROCKETS thing. The worst part (worst just being a word here)? The original post I did was pretty good. It’s a lot looser than I’d ever be today.

So I wanted to do Love and Rockets, but there’s something missing without Jim. In blogging in general. He was there when I got started. He had a real influence on my toxic masculinity comics fan deprogramming. The friendship came at just the right time with MFA instructors wowing

But LOVE & ROCKETS was a bond with my friend Jim and I. Jim died in 2014. Very unexpectedly. Second-best friend I made in my twenties. My first-best friend I made in my twenties and I had a whole podcast where we eventually just cry about it.

This week I start the LOVE & ROCKETS project. I don’t even know what it is yet, only that I’m finally getting to it. I tried doing something with L&R in early 2016. I was going to do a monthly Comics Fondle e-newsletter w/ L&R features. No response. Ha.

Maybe Enchantress was planned for INJUSTICE 2 before SUICIDE SQUAD bombed but the game play is … promising.

taking a couple weeks off (maybe less) and then getting started on the third Eleanor Parker sum-up. I was going do something else in between (Stillman) but I’m in the mood to go straight through.

MAJOR CRIMES has been something like a guilty pleasure. Or a sometimes pleasurable obligation. The show gave Felix G.W. Bailey, Tony (Anthony John for CRIME STORY fans) Denison, Michael Paul Chan (bit parts in big productions), Raymond Cruz (ALIEN 4 and JACK RYAN 3 and totally underappreciated) a third or fourth phase to their careers. THE CLOSER gave them something before it, but MAJOR CRIMES gave these actors some good material. After careers often without good material. And even after showrunner James Duff leaned full on melodrama, the actors kept it going. So that’s cool.

The rest of the cast is good too, for the most part, but those four actors are ones I never expected to get to play the same role for thirteen years. Not and have them still be good by the end. But they did it. So that’s cool.

(And, wow, apparently TNT ordered the show to do the four-part episodes and then clearly slashed their budget–especially for guest stars).

Anyway. That’s done. Though I do want to watch BATTLESTAR again now.

First trip to the Apple store for service in years. First time I’m not sure I trust the geniuses. The battery thing has them all very defensive.

I’m not a believer in New Year’s resolutions. Seems arbitrary and performative. I’m shocked there’s not an app for it. Link to Facebook, let your friends track your progress, chose your resolutions in a poll, et cetera. That said, I’m trying a couple things. More because I just had four consecutive days off twice in a row for the first time in years.

I’m having this awkward moment where I’m worried about a medication side effect but I’m also not sure it’s a bad one to have. Unfortunately, it’s the anti-anxiety/depression med so I don’t feel like I should be playing


One of the projects for 2018 is looking at Stop Button stats. Looking at is in writing about, I decided earlier. Give me something to do on the ol’ micro.blog.

X-men grand design is way too good

This season of CURB just became worth it for the Shucker.

I’ve had enough reminders today I’m not good at being social.

cool shit

I’m back to actively archiving The Stop Button. Because me shittalking a Friday the 13th needs to be preserved. But it’s getting me thinking about goals for the site. Are there any anymore? Do I have goals for moviewatching? Getting Woody Allen’s filmography watched and written about is a lot less compelling these days. And the best part of archiving it is making the zine-ish collections. If I’d had Pages when I was nine, I would’ve made some cool shit.