I’ve been gagging re: The New York Times for years now; their 9/11 coverage, their Iraq War II coverage, etc. Plus the movie reviews got terrible. They needed Janet Maslin or Elvis Mitchell. Anyway, now scientists are finally done as the Times wants to promote climate change denial for right-wing readership.

A thread from one of the creators of SafetyPinBox responding to some of the nonsensical crap they’ve gotten. Safety Pin Box is surviving a hostile landscape–and being a quickly devised (post-election), DIY subscription service; it deserves recognition, not shit.

New post on Summing Up. Going to a weekly schedule for that blog. Long form colloquial, but searching. That post here.

I’ve been having a hard time with the longer format stuff on The Stop Button, mostly because the John Carpenter piece is in four parts. My wordpress theme doesn’t allow me to do much, so I ended up just duplicating the posts as pages. For example.

New comic post on Alien: Dead Orbit by the awesome James Stokoe. He did Orc Stain, which was great. Dead Orbit’s fine for an Aliens comic but it’s all about the art. Stokoe’s the real deal in the Pope/Cooke/Baker tradition.

Cat owning observation. Do my cats who came from shelter/store (i.e. had previous owners) think I am weirder than my cat who I got as a feral kitten. You could totally crowdfund Strange Days tech if it were for cats. Cat owners… we spend money on lots of dumb stuff.

Brett Ranter and Michael De Luca producing a Madonna smear-biopic is as early eighties levels of Hollywood sleaze as one can get these days. It’ll probably end up going straight to Lifetime. Also: why didn’t Madonna just buy the script and shut it down.

Someone in Bolivia has looked at 354 posts on The Stop Button today, which is a little weird. Also weird is someone in Venezuela reading 226 posts. I really wish wordpress.com had better stats information because I’m real curious.